[SOLVED] Unable to cancel rule retry

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Current behavior

When a rule is executed and it fails we are unable to cancel the retry. Clicking on cancell all or individually does seem to have an effect at first but when the page is refreshed all attempts are due retry

Expected behavior

Once the cancel button is clicked it should stop the retry

Minimal reproduction of the problem

fire a rule that fails, try to cancel


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App: asap-hub-dev

Has there been any updates to the rules recently? We are observing strange behaviour. Aside from the issue above the rules take long to kick off and they seem to have a limited payload.

UPDATE - the filters do not seem to work either (i see all logs even when only one rule is selected)
ANOTHER UPDATE - the conditions do not seem to work either - they have had no effect for at least a couple of days (judging by the logs). The situation is changing quite dynamically though as just a second ago I wasn’t able to view any existing conditions in the UI


There are a lot of things.


There was a change due to improvements in the rule simulator. Perhaps this caused the issue with the conditions.


I cannot reproduce that, I think I know what it is.

Cancel All

I will have a look.


There are a high number of pending rule jobs. The reason could be the conditions. Therefore the reaction is very slow.

I will have a look asap.

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I have rolled back the changes to a version from a few days ago. I have fixes for all problems but it takes a while to go through the build and test pipeline.

Hi, it should be fixed now.

Hey @Sebastian - we are still unable to cancel the retry like we used to. When I select ‘cancel’ it says cancelled at first but when i refresh there is still a retry attempted queued

I do not see any pending jobs in your app.

try 1047 app please - but more apps are failing the same way for us

What do you mean with app 1074?

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