[SOLVED] UI weird glitches, cannot change language

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Current behavior

Hello, we have been experiencing weird glitches in UI today. When I load the page it sometimes does not load and shows just a gray background. Some of our custom editors cannot change language and maybe some other things which we have not noticed. This happens in multiple browsers (Chrome and Firefox tested).

We can see a LOT of errors in the browser console (Dev Tools) and when opened the console bricks the browser because of so many logs.

This is the error in browser console
app.js?cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e:2 ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘dispose’ of null
at e._dispose (app.js?cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e:2)
at e.transform (app.js?cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e:2)
at Module.zv (app.js?cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e:2)
at ht (9.cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e.chunk.js:2)
at ba (app.js?cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e:2)
at ya (app.js?cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e:2)
at app.js?cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e:2
at ya (app.js?cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e:2)
at app.js?cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e:2
at ya (app.js?cb3099ee1d16f8f64c9e:2)


Expected behavior

Everything works as it did before.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Try loading some content detail then try changing languages in a custom editor.


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  • [x] Cloud version


  • [x] Chrome (desktop)
  • [ ] Chrome (Android)
  • [ ] Chrome (iOS)
  • [x] Firefox
  • [ ] Safari (desktop)
  • [ ] Safari (iOS)
  • [ ] IE
  • [ ] Edge


We had slight problems with our server that serves custom editors today so maybe it is that but I am not sure.

I will have a look. It would be good if you have something to reproduce. It could be all the same issue actually.

we can give you access to our Squidex instance if you want

Yes, why not, lets try that…

I have found the bug and a potential fix is in the build pipeline.

  1. Do you think it can be fixed till tomorrow?
  2. Is it something that was deployed recently or we just encountered it now?

If it is recently deployed feature maybe it might a good idea to send a notification to project owner’s email that there was a deployment. Otherwise production websites might get broken and we won’t even notice. For example we have an extra layer between Squidex and our production application so this only affected our editors. But still would be nice to get notified about new deployments.

Honestly we are thinking about migrating to a self-hosted instance of Squidex because of this.

It is already fixed, but the build server is at its limit. Today a few very big changes have been deployed that caused a few problems in the UI, but it was nothing serious. Usually the UI cannot break production systems.

The API is covered with 2 monitoring systems (one of them is public: https://status.squidex.io/) and a good coverage of API tests. I will think about how to make new deployments more transparent but today already 5 happened and I cannot send out new emails that much, would be too expensive.

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Ok cool. Maybe at least big changes could be announced ;-). I don’t think that everybody needs to be notified about everything anyway.

I know that UI changes are not affecting database but I was talking in a more general sense. It is good to have monitoring systems and tests but sometimes even those can fail you (speaking of experience).

Anyway thank you very much for quick reactions. You have been a great help as always! Thanks.

I will mark as solved when I check if the fix is working tomorrow. Thanks.

Absolutely. In critical cases I just roll back the deployment.

I have deployed the potential fix.

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Looks like it is working correctly now! Thank you again good sir!

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