[SOLVED] Toggling full screen mode on a squidex field (using editor-sdk.js toggleFullscreen function) not working

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Current behavior

When calling toggleFullScreen function on a dynamically created squidex field using the editor-sdk.js file is not working anymore on the latest master version (commit 85c5a41ba9e8e4ed1bf2ec1e8d2d8a470c8055c6).
The last working version is on the tagged version 6.5.0 (commit 1e24bde5983b195118d5cbbbc11516d0c3303410).
The dynamic field is created in an angular 12 component loaded as a custom editor for an existing schema field and is used to load an html editor in full screen mode with the option to toggle between full screen (showing the custom editor) and normal screen (hiding the custom editor) via a button in the angular component.

Expected behavior

toggleFullScreen function should switch to full screen mode for the dynamic SquidexFormField.

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Version: [VERSION]
latest master version (commit 85c5a41ba9e8e4ed1bf2ec1e8d2d8a470c8055c6) - we are using this version due to other fixes needed and pushed on the squidex repo since the last tagged version 6.5.0


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all fields have a fullscreen button now. I have thought, that it is not necessary anymore. There are 2 alternatives if you want to have it back:

  1. Get it back as it was
  2. Trigger the fullscreen button of the field.

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for the quick reply.

If Option 1 means to bring back some of the changes (e.g. removing the listener for parent window fullscreen event) from commit 9abdbacb9037d8d28415ee8dbf810fd6f483650a in https://github.com/Squidex/squidex repo, then I’m happy for that to be done.
If that’s not what you meant, could you please let me know what you mean by “Get it back as it was?”.

Option 2 is not ok for us as the new “fullscreen” button introduced for each field is more like expanded field area rather than literally full screen (edit area on full parent window viewport) from what I saw.

Is it possible to keep both functionalities? e.g. the old full screen functionality using the parrent window message to still work after introducing the new full screen / expanded area button?

Kind Regards,
Claudiu Biscu

I have brought it back (PR is in the pipeline right now) and also added a new method to go expanded mode.

Hi Sebastian,

This is great news!
Thank you so much for keeping the old full screen functionality alongside the newly introduced field button for form field expanded area.

Kind Regards,
Claudiu Biscu

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