[SOLVED] Throw exception when IIS worker restart

Hi, I have built squidex by latest master branch and host it on IIS, and I found when the application pool is restarted, Squidex will throw an exception like below:

“logLevel”: “Warning”,
“message”: “UnregisterManyAsync 1 failed.”,
“eventId”: {
“id”: 100502
“exception”: {
“type”: “System.InvalidOperationException”,
“message”: “Grain directory is stopping”,
“stackTrace”: " at Orleans.Runtime.GrainDirectory.LocalGrainDirectory.CheckIfShouldForward(GrainId grainId, Int32 hopCount, String operationDescription)\r\n at Orleans.Runtime.GrainDirectory.LocalGrainDirectory.UnregisterOrPutInForwardList(IEnumerable1 addresses, UnregistrationCause cause, Int32 hopCount, Dictionary2& forward, List1 tasks, String context)\r\n at Orleans.Runtime.GrainDirectory.LocalGrainDirectory.UnregisterManyAsync(List1 addresses, UnregistrationCause cause, Int32 hopCount)\r\n at Orleans.Runtime.Scheduler.AsyncClosureWorkItem.Execute()\r\n at Orleans.Runtime.Catalog.FinishDestroyActivations(List`1 list, Int32 number, MultiTaskCompletionSource tcs)"
“app”: {
“name”: “Squidex”,
“version”: “”,
“sessionId”: “11c90e5b-ff8c-4b7c-971b-51e43cfa1842”
“timestamp”: “2019-06-06T14:13:31Z”,
“category”: “Orleans.Runtime.Catalog”

i have already set “clustering” as “Development” but the error still exists.

You can just ignore it. I will see if I can suppress it.