[SOLVED] The app does not appear in the dashboard after invitation

Settings > Contributors

I have invited a new “Owner” via email. He did get an email successfully, but the app did not appear in the dashboard even after many refreshes.

The workaround I found was to invite him as “Owner” and later change the role to “Developer”. Then the app appears in the dashboard and I can switch back to “Owner” role.

It happened multiple times with multiple apps.

Which version are you using? Please use the template for new issues.

I think I know the reason. The problem: It only happens in clustering mode, therefore hard to reproduce locally.

Same like this: Unable to Create Corporate Emails | Invite sent to User inits new Apps/Dev Instance

It happens from time to time when using cloud.squidex.io

Yes, I know the reason. It happens when request goes from server A to B during an invite.

This has been solved.