[SOLVED] SVG images are not rendered and replaced with links

Hi Squidex Team,

I faced a problem when trying to insert a SVG image. Its displayed as a link not as an image.

And Thanks

This is a problem of the editor I guess, I will have a look …

HI, I have fixed it, will deployed today or tomorrow. And welcome to the community, btw.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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In addition there are 2 another problems

  1. I am not able to add a bullet list
  2. There is no view source code option.

I don’t understand point 1, it works fine for me.

  1. Is intended, I cannot add anything possible to the editor. The current baseline is kind of what works for most people right now, at least i hope so.

There was an option to add a bullet list and in view source code I can add HTML code and now I can’t :frowning:

Get it, it was a bug with the build process that is fixed but not deployed yet.

When do you expect to have it deployed?. I have a production release to accustom for urgently

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