[SOLVED] Styling on Rules page broken without permission to view events

I have…

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Current behavior

When a user has permission to read Rules but not Events the styling on the Rules page is slightly broken.
A) Rule name shifts down to collide with the event trigger and other UI bits beneath.
B) The enable/disable toggle has no colour
C) Would you expect user to be able to use the ‘Simulator’ functionality when they only have readonly access?

Expected behavior

Styling looks same as it does when you do have access to events but retaining current functionality where various non-readonly interactions are not visible.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Assign a user to a Role with rules.read permission but not rules.events permission, login as that user and navigate to the Rules page.


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Version: “Allow file drop without supported mime type.” 7460cc0fe36a72675eda69ce3ea036d2dd61b7a7


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  • [ ] Edge


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