[SOLVED] Squidex frontend shows dates as UTF8 characters

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Current behavior

Date in some Apps comes up correctly on detailed edit view but displays incorrectly in the bulk edit view on the squidex CMS. The API seems unaffected. Probably some UTF8 encoding issue or something. The data seems correct on the details view. The data was imported into the 1336 App if that is relevant.

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I do not have this problem. Which locale do you use?

It is not some random string, it is AM / PM in Chinese: https://github.com/date-fns/date-fns/blob/e0fc48a2132c90fa0b5b0f4885d71f940e63a3a9/src/locale/zh-CN/snapshot.md

@kmaid are you in china by any chance?

There is an issue with the language selection, will be fixed soon.

Solved and deployed.

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