[SOLVED] Small issue in Restore Backup Help section sidebar

Found small issue in Restore Backup Help section sidebar.

It says:

Restores an app from a backup. You can directly use the URL from your Squidex instance where the backup has been created.

Furthermore you can use file URLs if the backup is located on the machine where Squidex is running, e.g.

// Windows


// Unix

For Unix/Mac it’s missing one forward slash (/). There should be three.

From ChatGPT:

what is the windows file:// equivalent on a mac?


On a Mac, the equivalent of the file:// path used in Windows for accessing local files is file:///.

For example:

  • Windows: file://C:/Users/Username/Documents/file.txt
  • Mac: file:///Users/Username/Documents/file.txt

The main difference lies in the syntax:

  • Windows uses file:// followed by the drive letter (e.g., C:) and then the path.
  • Mac uses file:/// followed by the absolute path to the file.

Remember that Mac paths often start with / denoting the root directory, and the user’s home directory is typically located at /Users/Username/.

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