[SOLVED] Show complete client name in contents list

When showing a list of contents that was generated by a client, the robot icon in shown. The alt text for this icon has only a partial client name. I would like to see the full client name.


I have a client called testApp:npm

This client is used to populate the contents.

in the contents list, I should see testApp:npm, however instead I am seeing testApp

Because of this, I can not differentiate between clients; they are all given the same name.

thank you

Makes sense and sounds like a bug.

The reason for this UI is also to extend it next 2 weeks with meta fields:

So you will be able to select all meta fields you like, e.g.

  • meta.statusColor
  • meta.statusName
  • meta.createdBy.avatar
  • meta.createdBy.name

And so on

oooh I’m looking forward to that feature for sure!

At first glance, however, this looks to be for references and not clients? Just to be sure, here’s a screenshot of what I’m referring to:

note: this says geocomply-client instead of testApp

Now I am confused what the problem is.The title is okay, but alt text not?

yes, it’s just the alt text.

In the screenshot that alt text should read geocomply-client:npm, or perhapse just geocomply:npm, because it was the npm client that ran the script.

My project has 3 clients:


but since the alt text is just showing geocomply-client I do not know which client was used.

Also, this makes me wonder if geocomply-client is correct? is adding -client desired, or should just the full name be shown?

It is fixed in master. Will be deployed soon.

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And deployed since yesterday.-

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