[SOLVED] Selection doesn't work well in "nested schema"

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Current behavior

When attempting to select the field value when editing a nested field value it does this:

Expected behavior

Select the field… very hard to do right now.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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Thank you. The drag and drop feature interferes with the text selection of inputs and textareas I think. Should be easy to fix (I hope)

I have to add a drag handle, but I wanted to do it since a long time now :wink:

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I added drag handles (to all sortable lists). You can check the build status here: https://build.squidex.io/Squidex/squidex/1658

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So it’s already in :dev tag docker image? If so I’ll test it today :slight_smile:

Yes, it is …

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Bravo! Works great :slight_smile:

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