[SOLVED] Select assets filter persists after popup box closes

Steps to reproduce:

  • Launch a media/asset selector popup
  • enter a string in “Search by asset name” textbox and hit enter
  • note the filtered result items
  • close the popup by either clicking on “Cancel” button or cross icon or by selecting an item and click on “Link selected asset” button
  • relaunch the popup either from the same field or different field with media selector type
  • previous filtered items are displayed instead of all item
  • Note: the filter persists on “Assets” section as well


  • When asset selector popup is closed by various means, the filter should reset to initial state and display all assets upon relaunch.
  • Filtered action on content > asset selector should not persist the asset display on “Assets” section

Inital assets in the popup

Filtered assets in the popup

Same filtered assets are displaying in Assets section

That was actually by purpose.

hmm but as a user, after closing one popup and reopening it, kind of expect to see all items in the popup since the “Search by asset name” box is empty.

My use case was that I often create the same kind of content together, e.g. manage same kind of products and so on and then my asset context does not change. It also saves requests (= Money) in the cloud version.

Btw. Which OS do you use? Can you check why the tag field has a gray background in the asset selector dialog?

I was wrong, the idea was indeed to reset the state every time you open an asset view, but there was a bug, that is now fixed.

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Thanks, all working now.