[SOLVED] Scroll bar missing in Admin site

See screenshot, there is no vertical scroll bar so I can’t get to the rest of the content entry fields except by Tabbing through them. Also can’t get to the “Pages” in the left nav that are off the bottom of the screen.

Need the vertical scroll bar back!

Confirmed in Chrome and IE11.

In Chrome? It does not happen on my machine :wink:

Confirmed this is happening on Chrome on my home PC, and also on my work PC in the office.

What happens if you have more Schemas than will fit vertically (resizing the window could simulate this), does a scroll bar appear there?

Let me download Firefox and see if it happens there.

I can reproduce it with IE11 so I guess when I will fix it there it will also work on Chrome :wink:

Weird I have another machine with Chrome version 71 and it works correctly there, but the two machines where it fails are at version 72.

Seems to be some rendering issue, maybe a CSS bug the way it is handling overflow-y

Yes, I know what the problem is, will fix it asap, but I am sitting in the train right now.

THat’s no excuse!! LOL

Just kidding, thanks again!

You don’t know how bad the internet connection in the train is here in Germany :wink:

It is fixed and deployed.

Can you confirm that it works?

Sorry, forgot to reply. Yes, works perfectly, thanks for the super quick turn around!!

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