[SOLVED] SchemaName is missing from API

Regarding ‘’

I am not sure what happened - but suddenly our website have started to fail.

It is a nuxt-based frontend - consuming the API’s from Squidex.

It seems that ‘schemaName’ is no longer returned for submodules - when calling the content-api ?

as an example - when calling …/api/content/site/standardpage/0b743be9-3634-48a0-8b70-bf… we get the following - but I’m quite sure that we normally also get ‘schemaName’ ( at same level as ‘schemaId’


    "Modules": {

        "iv": [


                "schemaId": "e3480463-b8b7-48b4-bda5-144730378a0a",

                "Label": null,

                "Headline1": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ",

                "Headline2": "(missing)",

                "Body": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Solved as part of dev-7577

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