[SOLVED] Schema not show after drag&drop


I made a drag&drop on the schemas menu, now the schemas is not show everywhere and the content was deleted(?).
If i search with the shemas deleted(?) path, i can see it.
What can i do ?


Which version do you use? Cloud or self hosted?

If you use the cloud it would be helpful to get information such as app name and schema name. The more information you provide the more likely it is that I can help.

What do you mean with

If i search with the shemas deleted(?) path


I use cloud version, the app name is “ts-store” and the schemas deleted(?) are “features” and “functional-spec”


Can you invite me to your app? Search for sebastian@squidex.io


Okay, looks like a bug, I will have a look today and deploy a fix. Your schema is definitely there and no data is lost. Just a UI bug.


Thank you soo much, it’s still necessary to add you to the app?


No, I gave me temporary permissions.


Hi, I have pushed a fix.