[SOLVED] Relative url of asset in TextEditor

When an asset is added via text editor its relative path (say /api/assets/00017596-0000-0000-0000-000000000000?version=0) is added to the text. Now when I post this content to another page as it is, the path is broken. Do we have any way to add full url here?

Are you using the rich text editor?

Yes rich text editor.

Okay, I will have a look. I know that the markdown editor in the cloud version uses absolute paths, and It should share the logic with rich text editor. It is not supposed to work like that.

Which version is it?

I can’t say the version of text editor. I believe it came with 3.0 of squidex.

I was trying to use Markdown editor. It is also adding relative path. E.g.

Then it has probably been fixed in the meantime. 4.0 is very close.

I have just verified that it works as expected now.

Yes I upgraded to 3.5. It is working. Thanks.

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