[SOLVED] References Tag Editor does not show values

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Current behavior

Some relationship fields aren’t showing as populated in the Editor UI, the page data still shows data for the field but the UI doesn’t show.

It was working yesterday before the outage.

When you make a change and save the content, it shows up. However, when you leave and return to the same page it is no longer there again.

Expected behavior

Relationship content should show on Editor UI.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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Do you have a link? Does not seem to be related to yesterday, I think. Either the data is always there or not at all.

I can reproduce it. It is just a UI issue and no data has been lost. You can temporarily change the editor for this field.

Fixed will be deployed tomorrow.

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Will there be a hotfix release for the self hosted versions as well or would you recommend to downgrade to an older version in the meanwhile? Thanks!

Yes. it took one day longer as expected but tomorrow it should be out. One part of the problem was that angular is not type safe in this particular context, therefore a rename of a property was not made everywhere. But there is a workaround for that and I wanted to have a long term solution.

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Makes sense, thanks for the heads up!

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