[SOLVED] Propery names with periods in JSON fields break on upgrade


Upgrading to Squidex > 7.0.0 breaks JSON fields for properties that have a . in their name.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run Squidex 6.14.0 and create schema with a JSON field.
  2. Populate the field with something that has a period in their property name, e.g.:
  "foo.bar": "baz"
  1. Shutdown Squidex and start Version > 7.0.0; <= 7.0.4 with the same database
  2. Have a look at the previously inserted content

Expected result:

  • The JSON document does not change

Actual result:

  • The JSON document is altered and looks like this:
  "foo_&&_bar": "baz"

Additional info:

  • The issue persists through backups (create backup on 6, restore on 7)
  • Having periods in property names is still working, just not with existing data from version 6
  • Downgrading is a viable workaround, even for JSON documents that have since been altered

Thank you. Will be fixed asap. What I do not understand is:

Where? In the mongo database?

Can you test docker tag dev-7123?

Sorry for taking long to reply.

It’s fixed with the dev-7123 image :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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