[SOLVED] ODataQuery year() Not Functioning

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Current behavior

I realize you are switching over to GraphQL, but since the current .Net API doesn’t work with that, I figured this might be worth fixing.

When doing a filter of year(data/datetime/iv) eq 2020, Squidex sends back a 500. I know it’s not an invalid query because I have gotten that error message before and that is not the one I got this time. I get a 400 on invalid query.

Expected behavior

This query should allow you to compare years of datetimes.


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but we have to distinguish between the bug (500 vs 400) and the feature (year)

Year was never implemented, but I can add it as a feature request.

I have solved the 500.

If you want: Create a feature request with the odata operators you would like to see.

Sounds good. Thanks for the help as always.