[SOLVED] Not possible to create a role

As of version 1.16 I can’t create a custom role.
On version 1.15 this was possible.

What happens is that that the submit button (“Add Role”) gets disabled when there is input in the field.


  • [x] Self hosted and ran directly (dotnet Squidex.dll)


  • [x] Chrome (desktop)

Are you talking about 1.16?

Yes, sorry.

Was meant to say from version 1.15 to 1.16.

Updated in OP.

It should be fixed already. Will deploy it as soon as possible, but I haver fever at the moment, so it could take a few days. You can try the latest master version if you want.

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I just built from master, however the issue is still not resolved.

Okay, I will have a look, perhaps I fixed it in the 2.0 branch accidentally.

I have pushed a fix.

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I just tested it and can confirm that it worked :wink:

Thanks for being awesome and now please focus on resting :smiley:

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