[SOLVED] Needing to be overly verbose when scheduling content to be drafted or published at a later date

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Current behavior

If I schedule a date at which a piece of content should become draft or be published, but do not specify an hour, the job will not be scheduled.

Expected behavior

If I only select a date, the time should be automatically set to 00:00 and the job should be scheduled for the selected date.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

I have a piece of content which I want to be published now, but turn into a draft at a later time, in order to hide it from site visitors.
I click on the button which currently says “Published” and select “Change to Draft”.
I pick a later date in the beautiful calendar view.
I press confirm.
The operation fails because I did not specify an hour at which the content should become a draft.


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Thanks, makes sense.

Fixed, will be deploy later today.

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Sorry, was not able to fix it yesterday. Will be done today.

Thank you for your hard work!