[SOLVED] Multiple contents item not showing up previews correctly

I’m submitting a…

  • [ ] Bug report
  • [ ] Cloud APP Front-End
  • [] Content --> Schemas --> Multiple contents --> Edit one item of content

Current behavior

If i editing content then choices choices of “Preview” hidding on second click.

Expected behavior

Showing up all choices on dropdown second click. See gif bellow.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

On click opens new tab window and i close them immediately.


  • [ ] Cloud version



  • [ ] Chrome (desktop)

Can you invite me to your app?

Hello, you have been invited.

What is your app name? I don’t see it yet


My app name is: pozdravodjeziska

Have you removed the preview links? I can’t see them anymore.

No i didnt remove them… I think that you remove them.

Should i create it again?

Yes, please. I would like to test them.

I can also reproduce it locally. Will fix it asap.

Great! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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It is fixed but not deployed to the Cloud yet.