[SOLVED] Mention Newtonsoft.Json in the documentation

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Current behavior

This page:
explains how to create a model, but doesn’t include the usings. When you copy paste the class in your editor, the first using suggested by IntelliSense is System.Text.Json.Serialization
With this using, the code compiles but there is a runtime exception when serializing/deserializing.
It took me a while to figure out this was the issue!

Expected behavior

The doc should state to use Newtonsoft.Json and not the other one

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Good point. I will add that asap.

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And done. Thanks for your report.


Am I right in saying there is no intention of moving away from Newtonsoft.Json for the Squidex.ClientLibrary in the near future? Colleagues pointed out the other day that the Conditional Property Serialization method I recently made use of is specific to that library and I want to reassure them!

You are right. The library also exists for other platforms that do not have System.Text.Json and usually the performance gain in this area is not worth it.

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