[SOLVED] Localization with a hyphen can't be filtered on


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Current behavior

When trying to filter on a language that contains a hyphen e.g nl-BE the OData filter is required to be in an invalid format: $filter=data/Title/nl-BE eq ‘Something’

Expected behavior

To be able to filter on these languages.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create a schema localized in a language with a hyphen in it’s name and try to filter on it


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I noticed the same happens when you create your own property with a hyphen, but I guess I should just change the name in this case.


If you have a property with a hyphen you can just use underscore in your queries.


Fix is in the CI pipeline.


Thank you. The underscore works fine. I’ll wait for the fix for the languages.


It might take a little bit longer because github is not fully operational: https://status.github.com/messages


Hi, the fix has been deployed. You also have to use underscore for languages, so replace de-AT with de_AT.