[SOLVED] Language settings lost after upgrade to 5.4.0

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Current behavior

Migration from 5.3.0 to 5.4.0 on the local instance will remove language settings in-app and enable just eng. If I try manually add languages back (in settings) then it looks like content actually stay available.

Expected behavior

Migration should not remove language settings.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

In 5.3.0 define the app with (non-eng default language - if that matters) and then add a few others (again if that matters). Then migrate to 5.4.0 and at least on my local environment it removes all language settings and keeps just eng.

The language history is even visible in the activity sidebar.


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Version: 5.4.0

I will have a look, sorry for the inconvience.

A hotfix

  • Stop Squidex
  • Connect to MongoDB
  • Delete States_Apps
  • Start Squidex
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Thank you for your fast response it works (I try the last update just on the local environment yet, it is not big deal :slight_smile:).

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I have fixed that in the master branch.

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