[SOLVED] Language fallback is not returning correct results

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Current behavior

I noticed that when the values of a field are not set for a language which is not set as the master language and has a fallback to a language whose field does have a value, the API is returning a empty value.

In this case, I’m querying for an item in language ‘no’. The result value for field ‘display-name’ is empty
Item Id: 152ebdf0-d319-49fd-969a-1b5a1437f995

However, when I add ‘en’ to the language headers as well, then the result for ‘no’ is properly populated with the fallback value from the ‘en’ language

Is there something we’re missing or has there been updates lately to this?

Expected behavior

When requesting the content for a language which doesn’t have a value, the value of the fallback language should be returned.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


App Name: IvaGaming

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Version: Cloud


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I think I can verify that. In the code I filter the languages first and then resolve the fallback and of course your master is not available anymore after the filtering. I am sure I can deploy a fix today.

That would be much appreciated Sebastian as the websites in the optional languages are basically non functional.

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