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Current behavior

In our application asap-hub we have a Usesr entity with an orcidWorks property that contains an array of nested entity. Among these there is a publicationDate field of type Json. The object it contains is:

    "year": "2020",
    "month": "09",
    "day": "08"

however for some reason the response from graphql for this field is:

"publicationDate": {
              "year": {
                "Type": 5
              "month": {
                "Type": 5
              "day": {
                "Type": 5

This applies to entire collection however (ie affects all records with this field populated) however the particular User entity in question has an ID 9fcd3a1d-951e-451d-8d12-00c2d1a19432

Expected behavior

The expected output should be (and used to until like an hour ago):

publicationDate: {
            year: '2020',
            month: '09',
            day: '08',

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Try this query

query {
  findUsersContent(id:"9fcd3a1d-951e-451d-8d12-00c2d1a19432") {
    flatData {
      orcidWorks {


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This is a production issue affecting our production systems and it is urgent

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@Sebastian would you be able to look into that? our production systems are impaired

I have rolled back and will have a look.

I have checked production and the problem seems to be fixed.

We are facing a new issue which started 6 minutes ago. We are investigating but thought it be worth sharing here as well.

Squidex Cloud appears to be down :expressionless:

Not for me, it is up and running here.

TLDR New assets were broken during the rollback.

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