[SOLVED] Impossible to use ',' button when entering tags

I have…

  • Checked the logs and have uploaded a log file and provided a link because I found something suspicious there. Please do not post the log file in the topic because very often something important is missing.

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Current behavior

When I press ‘,’ button Tag finises independent of my keyboard language layout

Expected behavior

Tag should be finished only when symbol ‘,’ entered not ‘,’ button is pressed.
It’s a problem when use non-USA keyboard layout.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


  • Self hosted with docker
  • Self hosted with IIS
  • Self hosted with other version
  • Cloud version

Version: [7.9]


  • Chrome (desktop)
  • Chrome (Android)
  • Chrome (iOS)
  • Firefox
  • Safari (desktop)
  • Safari (iOS)
  • IE
  • Edge

I am from Germany, so I am non-US and I have no idea what you are talking about :smiley:

I’m using Romanian and Ukranian keyboard layout and on ‘,’ button are set another symbols. But when I try to type it, Tag is ending instead of new symbol.

I have seen that I handle key code and key:

I created a fiddle. Can you verify that this is the actual problem?

When i use KEY OR CODE and press ‘б’ symbol (situated on ‘,’ key) I see message in console.
When i use KEY ONLY and press ‘б’ symbol (situated on ‘,’ key) nothing happens.
I think than key only is a correct behavior.

Thanks a lot. I will provide a fix asap.

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