[SOLVED] Image not rendering using slug name

Hi Team,

I’m displaying images using “slug” name in my application. Earlier it was rendering all the images correctly. But I’ve noticed for the last few days it’s not rendering images. So May I know is there
any limitation or due to any release. FYI I’m trying to access below image using provided URL but it’s not working & giving message on browser “{“id”:[“The value ‘generic-1.jpg’ is not valid.”]}”



Thanks in advance.

Hi, I had to update the api to also include the app name: https://cloud.squidex.io/api/docs#operation/AssetContent_GetAssetContent2

I made a stupid error in the first release of the slug endpoint as the slug is obviously not unique across all apps.

Okay so when are you planning to release that change so image can be accessible using application name like below? B’coz I’m rendering many places in my application hence, I need to change path accordingly.


Yes, exactly. I am really sorry, I made a big note to send out a Email about this, but I just missed it.

Okay np at all yet we’re not moved in Production but very soon we will. I would like to know when will you release that change to access asset using application name like below?


It is released. Does it not work?

Nope it’s not working in my case find the below URL.


Okay, I will have a look and provide a fix this afternoon (it is 9am here, btw)

Okay np at all. Thanks for all your support.

I have deployed it yesterday, but forgotten to update the task here.

@Sebastian Thanks for get it done promptly. Now it’s working fine. Sorry for being late response.

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