[SOLVED] Hosting squidex on a subpath

We are trying to host squidex on a subpath of our domain (e.g. https://domain.com/squidexcms)
The problem is when we hit the url (https://domain.com/squidexcms) it redirects to https://domain.com/identity-server/setup instead of https://domain.com/squidexcms/identity-server/setup

We have tried to change the baseUrl and the basePath in our appsettings.Production.json to include 'squidexcms` but it didn’t resolve the issue

Could this be fixed using configuration or would we have to change the code?

Current behavior

redirects to https://domain.com/identity-server/setup

Expected behavior

redirects to https://domain.com/squidexcms/identity-server/setup

Yes, I guess It can be fixed. I will have a look.

Thanks for the quick response, if we set our “basePath”: " squidexcms" in appsettings.Production.json and in the SetupMiddleware.cs
we used context.Response.Redirect(“identity-server/setup”); instead of
context.Response.Redirect("**/**identity-server/setup"); this should fix the problem, I’m not sure though if there are any other places where we need to make similar change

It is more than that. If I would remember how to debug with IIS, it would make my life easier :smiley:

I have pushed the necessary changes.

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Thanks very much! will pull them now

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