[SOLVED] Half width for array nested fields

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Current behavior

Enabling half width for array nested fields does not shows the fields in half width in the text editor

Expected behavior

half width functionalitu should work for array nested fields as well. Similar to how it works for fields at root level

Minimal reproduction of the problem

  1. Create an array field
  2. Add a nested field of any type and enable half width
  3. Add another nested field of any type and enable half width on this as well
  4. Publish the schema and create new content
  5. the nested array fields take full width in the text editor instead of half width


App Name: myapp1234

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Version: [] (https://cloud.squidex.io/api/info)


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Hello, I recently noticed the same thing with Component fields and was meaning to raise it in case there is a way to support it or to find out why it may not be possible. You can see in screenshot below there does seem to be plenty of room for two half-width fields to be side by side.

This is on self-hosted docker with latest changes: “Remove old classes.” (c71e3729fc8cbc81badce6eab5aec59e186f46e9)

It is the same component / implementation.

I have pushed the fix to master.


Thanks @Sebastian for your quick support and response! Much appreciated

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Yes thanks very much, working well for the example aside from some text overlapping the ‘focus’ button for “HalfWidth-String-Nested”, but that is not a big issue by any means when compared with the boon of being able to use half-width editors in these scenarios:

I think I can fix this as well. Have not thought about this yet.

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