[SOLVED] GraphQl Query no longer working for reference content

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Current behavior

Please note, this is happening via the graphql interface on the web ui, and via the .net sdk and api. It is also affecting a large amount of page content on a live website so is kind of urgent

using query

{  queryLandingPageContents(filter: "data/locator/iv eq 'locker-room' and data/locator/iv eq 'start-line'") {
data: flatData {
  content {
    ... on TabBlock {
      typename: __typename
      data: flatData {
        content {
          typename: __typename

I’m getting the following:

{  "errors": [
  "message": "Fragment cannot be spread here as objects of type 'LandingPageDataContentUnionDto' can never be of type 'TabBlock'.",
  "locations": [
      "line": 8,
      "column": 9
  "extensions": {
    "codes": [
    "number": ""
}  ] }

Expected behavior

It should be returning query result correctly. Nothing has changed on the schemas and this query was working until yesterday

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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Can you post the union definition of LandingPageDataContentUnionDto?

Not sure why the possible types have changed from the full list of schemas. This is also affecting other content dtos by the looks of it


No Description

possible types





I have rolled it back and will provide a fix today.

Much appreciated, thank you

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Can you send me a link to a backup of your app via PM?

Or your app name, then I can do it myself.

It is solved and will be deployed soon. Very weird API design in the GraphQL library was leading to this.

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