[SOLVED] GetAssetFoldersAsync invalid self link

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Current behavior

.NET Client return list of folders but this does not contain folder name and also _links in folders refer to non exist resource.

var folders = await assetsClient.GetAssetFoldersAsync("app-name");
var self = folders.Items.First()._links["self"];

got something like /api/apps/app-name/assets/65d6b78a-bf43-4b56-8bd4-2527ef984334

and if I try to call it in postman or via var folderInfo = await assetsClient.GetAssetAsync("obletsvet", folders.Items.First().Id.ToString()); I got 404.

Expected behavior

.NET client should return folder name for assets which are folder also self link should point to an existing location. Maybe will be nice if it will be introduce new API in .NET client with GetAssetFolder(string appName, string folderId) which provide info about folder.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Have at least 1 folder and call GetAssetFoldersAsync.


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Version: last docker image

Thanks, I have removed it.

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And deployed it now to the cloud.