[SOLVED] Generating False Errors with Data for Localization

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Current behavior

I am running a query that does not use flat data and uses localization fields. The current application uses 3 primary localizations en, es, fr. When I execute the query errors are generated. The query expects the en, es, and fr assets (this only affects an asset field) returned for a piece of content as blank arrays if no content exists. When the en asset content is not uploaded squidex returns null and generates an error despite the spanish version of the content existing. When a dummy piece of content is uploaded the errors resolve.

Expected behavior

Squidex should return an object with blank array like it does for other pieces of content where english versions are provided and no versions exist.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

I can provide a query specific to my environment, but this is strictly a result of querying assets with localization and an error getting generated for English not existing.


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Can you please provide your query as plain text. I will have a look then.

@Nidorob are you sure, that it is a regression and not a bug?

We also get this issue when using flatData. Especially, the error messages will be shown if Asset and Number fields are blank, so I have to fill them with a value then it works fine.

Please provide a sample.

Hi @Sebastian,
Please look at my sample:

And here is the JSON schema:

        "properties": {},
        "category": "Webpage",
        "scripts": {},
        "fieldsInLists": [],
        "fieldsInReferences": [],
        "fields": [
                "name": "header-background-picture",
                "properties": {
                    "fieldType": "Assets",
                    "previewMode": "ImageAndFileName"
                "partitioning": "invariant"
        "isPublished": true

I have pushed and deployed a fix.

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I have to rollback this fix, because it causes issues with another, more urgent problem. But I will fix both issues today.

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