[SOLVED] Free plan number of contributors

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Current behavior

When a user is on a free plan in Squidex Cloud the number of contributors is limited to 2 and you cannot add other contributors through the Admin UI. However if you add a contributor through the API you can add more than 2 and they all work.

Expected behavior

You cannot add more contributors through API than the limit set in the free version.


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Version: cloud/latest

Note: This finding wasn’t intentional abuse that is why I am reporting this issue. It was a random accident that we stumbled upon when working with automatic user adding and role assigning through API regarding the issue we faced already described here https://support.squidex.io/t/custom-user-properties-api-admin-view/2436/6?u=vojtechklos

Strange, this is weird indeed.

Here is a screenshot

Note that we haven’t ever had paid subscription before. We intend to buy it but we are in a testing phase right now so it is not necessary.

I can reproduce it now. It is a really stupid bug, sometimes even unit tests do not help against stupidity.

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