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Current behavior

After upgrade version of squidex from 4.7.5 to 5.1.1 all folders from assets are missing and filter tags ‘All tags’ no show any more assets.
I only can see my assets when I apply a filter tag.
See images below:

Expected behavior

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When I filter a tag, and create a folder, the folder can’t be show to me. and when I remove filter I see that folder i will created.

I think this bug has already been fixed, but I am not sure.

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Can you try a newer version or send me a backup of your DB with mongo restore?

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Hi Sebastian.

I apply new version (5.2.1) and now I can see all files in root, but I can’t see folder in root.
I will make a backup from my mongo to send to you.


I have reproduced the issue. A fix will be ready tomorrow.

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