[SOLVED] Firing of rules fails, retries but after cancelling it doesn't remove it

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Current behavior

Hi Sebastian, we have a slight problem with our rules. Testing the rules it’s obvious that there maybe some errors, as a result the events list shows various “Retry” labels, after entering into the details of the entry we are given 2 options: cancel o enqueue. If we decide that the system should not retry we hit “Cancel” and the “Retry” turns to “Cancelled”, but after refreshing the queue the failed rules are replaced with “Retry” again.

Expected behavior

We expect the cancelled events to remain cancelled and not placed again into the queue for a retry

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Add a rule which will fail and then try and publish with a rule resulting in a “Retry” Tag
Cancel the event and then push the “Refresh” button, check the queue again.


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I will have a look. Is the “next-attempt” label empty after you click cancel?

When you click Cancel “Next attempt” is emptied.

Also after a reload? This field is used to calculate the next trigger time internally as well.

Yeah, unfortunately.
Given the amount of errors there were we ended up waiting the night and republished the articles the morning after.

What do you mean with that?

I can reproduce it. Release will follow today.

Thank you Sebastian, I saw you have released the fixed in 7.6.1

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