[SOLVED] FileHash property not present in Assets

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Current behavior

I have just generated the C# client from the swagger.json configuration file (https://legacy.squidex.io/api/swagger/v1/swagger.json) and I found out that there is a new required property for my assetsDto named “fileHash”.
When I tried to retrieve from API all my Assets I got a deserializaion exception because the field fileHash is not present in the json response retrieved from Squidex.
I also tried to upload a new image and, as I expected, when I asked the assets from API, the new one has correctly the fileHash property, while the old ones not.

Expected behavior

A modification on the AssetDto swagger.json definition should be backward compatible with the old assets.


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Thank you, you are correct, the file hash should not be required as old files will not have a hash.

I have fixed it, but not uploaded a new version to the cloud.

Thank you Sebastian.
Could you please write here when you will deploy the new version on Cloud ?

Moreover, is not possible to add the hash property to the old files ? In this way I can be sure that all my assets have the hash.

Yes, I will.

It would be a very costly operation to download all assets and then calculate the hash, therefore i have not implemented such a migration.

Hi, I deployed a new version.