[SOLVED] Field name changes from "content" to "contentEntity" in API dto

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Current behavior

After updating to Squidex 5.6, from 5.5, field names within the api data dtos have changed from content to contentEntity. Therefore queries which are using the content field do not work anymore.

Expected behavior

The field name within the API is the same as it is in the schema.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create a schema, add a field with the name content. Look at the generated API names wich is contentEntity instead of content.


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Version: 5.6


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Hi, I guess you are talking about GraphQL?

I have made a few improvements there and one of them was to avoid naming conflicts. Content is a reserved keyword for types, but I guess I also apply this rule to field names.

I will have a look.

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thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I’m talking about GraphQL, sorry.

I was just about to raise the same issue. We have a field called content and have just upgraded from 5.4.0 to 5.6.0. Also experience issue when using GraphQL

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It is fixed: https://build.squidex.io/Squidex/squidex/ … it will be dev-5715

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