[SOLVED] Failed to parse Mongo Version for RC or Beta versions (everything that contains a character)

is it a bug or my mistake ?

This is very likely a bug. Which MongoDB version do you use?

Can you run this command on MongoDB?

db.runCommand( { buildInfo: 1 } )

I use version 5.0

Thanks. It tries to parse the version and it fails because the version class only accepts numbers. I can provide a fix for that.

It happens only because you use a RC version.

But I have pushed a fix.

Thank you but it’s still not working. Maybe, I can fix, when change rc version ?

Which exception do you get now? And yes, you can solve it by using a stable version.

I got same exception. Nothing is changed. I restarted commands but it’s same.

Then you are running the same code. I am not using the version class anymore that is part of your stacktrace.

I am so sorry but I did not understand what should I do.

I am not sure whether you have realled pulled the latest version. You are still running the old code.

I did not pull anything. Which “latest version” do you mean. You mean “docker-compose” or “back-end” code files.? I really sorry, I do not any experience with this technology.

I mean the source code on GitHub. If you use Git you have to pull it, otherwise you have to download it again

Thank you so much Sebastian. I am so sorry again I got your time. Thank you for everythig.

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