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Current behavior

When searching against certain content, the search will not complete, and there will be a red message, “Failed to load contents. Please reload.”

error sq01

Expected behavior

The search would be complete.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

this happens when I try to see the next page


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Can you post the name of your app, the URL and one example of a response from Chrome network tab?

Have you create content items with custom IDs?

Hi Sebastian,

Have you create content items with custom IDs? yes.

sure: https://cloud.squidex.io/app/zubale-jobs/content/jobs?pageSize=50&page=44

The IDs are added to the response header for caching and the CDN and at least one ID is not valid:

System.InvalidOperationException: Invalid non-ASCII or control character in header: 0x00E1

It is something I have to fix. I have no instant fix for the UI for you, but you can fix it in the API. There is a header called X-SurrogateKeys which controls the total size of this header. If you set it to zero you should be able to retrieve the content again.

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your help.

Works as expected,


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Perhaps you can use a browser extension like this in the meantime: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/modheader/idgpnmonknjnojddfkpgkljpfnnfcklj?hl=en

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I have fixed and hope I can deploy it soon.

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Hi Sebastian,

great, amazing customer support, thanks


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