[SOLVED] Etag + If-None-Match doesn't work

Using Postman i wanted to check the Etag mechanism.
The request

–> GET https://cloud.squidex.io/api/content/
authorization: bearer
<-- 200 https://cloud.squidex.io/api/content
content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8
etag: W/64E275C1C96AE81C278A7A268A11C43BD787C4B65B0D3B33111EB23A3E509E8D

The repeating request
–> GET https://cloud.squidex.io/api/content/
authorization: bearer
if-none-match: W/64E275C1C96AE81C278A7A268A11C43BD787C4B65B0D3B33111EB23A3E509E8D
<-- 200 https://cloud.squidex.io/api/content

I’m receiving 200 instead of 304.
Is that something Squidex doesn’t support or the configs on my side are incorrect.
Thanks for the help!

Are you sure that you have not changed anything in between?

Hi, Sebastian.
Yes. I’m sure. The content on the server is untouched.

I will have a look…

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What is more, the repeating request’s response has the same Etag i’m sending in the request

It is actually a bug. Will be fixed soon. The order in which things are calculated is wrong: First the comparison of the etags and then the etag calculation.

Thanks for a quick turn around on that. I will be waiting for the fix. Please, let me know when it’s done.
Best regards,

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It has been deployed.

Thanks @Sebastian. Works as expected!

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Aesome, thanks a lot for the feedback.

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