[SOLVED] Error executing document when you create a schema called content

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Current behavior

I created a new schema called content.

When I published the new schema GraphQL queries stopped working.

Attempting to execute any GraphQL queries resulted in an error…

Error executing document.

Once I unpublished the schema things seemed to return to normal.

Expected behavior

GraphQL queries are unaffected when a new schema called content is created.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create a new schema called content.


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  • [ ] Self hosted with IIS
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I have solved it, the build is running at the moment.

The docker tag name is dev-5137

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Great, thanks!

For now I’ve simply avoided using that name so I can continue but good to know a fix is coming :smile:

Great. The problem was that “Content” is already used for the content interface. A graphql interface that is shared by all content types.

So in this case, I call the graphql type “ContentEntity”.

I have also added more logging for this case.

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