[SOLVED] Editor broken after changing order of item with an richtext editor

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Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create a field of the type array containing a rich text field.
Add two items, then change the order, now the editor of the dragged item is broken (content is hidden and editor is disabled):


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Thanks, will have a look asap.

I can reproduce it. The Rich Editor behaves very strange, thats true. Will have a look, but it might be no easy fix. Considering how “big” the editor is, I recommend not to use in arrays.

It seems that the editor does not like it when it get removed from the DOM, I am not sure if there is an easy fix soon.

I have found a fix for that.

Thanks for looking into it this and finding a fix this fast!

You are welcome. I have to recreate the editors after reordering. It is a known bug unfortunately and therefore not the best idea to use the editor in an array.