[SOLVED, DUPLICATE] Referencing Schema Contents With Total is not working

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Current behavior

I have company and company-jobs schemas. Each company-jobs will reference to a company so that I use referencingSchemaContentsWithTotal to get the total number of company-jobs that a company has. Before it worked fine, but these days it doesn’t work anymore. Now when I use referencingSchemaContentsWithTotal, total will return = 0. Check my screenshots below.

Expected behavior

total should greater than 0

Minimal reproduction of the problem

For example:
There is a company-jobs that is referencing to XCMG company.

But here, XCMG company has 0 company-jobs.

Only SK Automation company, which is the last company that I added, returns the correct data - others return 0.


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It is a duplicate of this one: [SOLVED] GraphQL referencing returning empty array

The underlaying bug has been fixed but I have to migrate the data. WIll do it soon.

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