[SOLVED] Dropdown does not work properly

Hi Sebastian,

I downloaded master repository on github. I publish project and run.

I create schema.
name: test
test schema have a field
type: string
name: title

I insert 2-3 items.
My Contents

  • Demo Content 1
  • Test Content 2
  • Test & Demo Content 3

I create new another schema.
name: relationalSchema
relationalSchema have a reference field
reference: test
editor: combobox

I published all schemas.

I opened the contents and select relationalSchema. I search test in combobox. I select Test & Demo Content 3 but error occours here. Does not show what is selected. either “- No Reference -” or choosing another one randomly.

Select relationalSchema Contents

Search and select “Test Content 2”

But not show it “- No Reference -”

i think it’s crash after contents user filter updated.
Search part doesn’t work there too.

I add filter createdBy

Search user name but not found.

I’m submitting a…

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It is a the same component, so very likely the same bug. I have pushed a fix.

Thank you Sebastian. I downloaded new fix. But frontend solution dont build. It gets errors in many places due to the dropdown component.

Sorry, have not checked the build log.

Thank you.

Overall improved. dropdown’s search feature does not work in createdBy only on the content filtering screen.

I also fixed that, have forgotten to set a property.

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