[SOLVED] Drag and Drop is not working for *.prc files and other unknown mime types

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Current behavior

Drag and drop is not working for files with prc extension but if i click the Select File(s) button and then browse and select the file it works. Also there is no error message.

Expected behavior

Drag and drop should work for *.prc files.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Go to Assets, take any file with prc extension and drag and drop to upload.


App Name: samihawaldarapp1

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Version: latest


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Thank you. I can reproduce it. Seems that drag and drop does not accept file without a known mime type.

Thanks for the response @Sebastian, so when can I expect this bug to get resolved?

I hope soon, but it does not have the highest priority, because there is an easy workaround.

Thank you @Sebastian

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