[SOLVED] Custom roles issue


I’m trying to work with the Roles.
I’m creating a new role (“Client”), and have several issues :

  • Once created, the role can’t be edited and instead of the role parameters, it’s written “undefined”
  • I didn’t wrote “schemas” on the parameters but they are still visible for someone having the role. How can I hide them ?



Please use the template for bug reports.

The second point is not a bug. Some permissions are implicitly given, including reading the schemas.

I also do not understand your first point.


Would it be possible to hide the schemas to some users ?

For the first point, please find below what appears on my side :

No, the UI is driven by API permissions only

You still have not used the template. I don’t know which version you are using for example

Getting the same undefined issue in version:
But if you remove all assigned users from that role then the permission labels display well.

We can see the permission labels in version: “”

Permissions are not working in both version 4.0.3 and 4.2 to restrict only 1 content schema.
contents.xxx (this should allow all actions but doesnt work)
contents.xxx.* (this should also allow all actions but not working)
etc to define every actions explicitely but that doesn’t work either.
All of the above permission setup throwing forbidden errors.

I’ll create a proper bug ticket with all the test permissions I’ve used to check soon.

Logged the bug ticket here: Custom roles with permissions not working in v4.0.3 and v4.2

The displaying issue is solved.