[SOLVED] Custom editor within array - TypeError: Cannot read property 'valueChanges' of undefined

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Current behavior

I have a scheme with an array, I added a custom editor url to one of the field within the array. As soon as I open the content section of this scheme (single content) the console prints lots of errors: ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘valueChanges’ of undefined.

I also tested my custom editor within a regular field (not within an array) which is working fine. I know this scheme setup has worked before but not anymore.

Expected behavior

I would expect that the custom editor would also work within an array field.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create a scheme with an array field and add a field within the array (String) with a custom editor url. For example:https://squidex.github.io/squidex-samples/editors/cke-simple.html. Now go to the content section of your scheme and the custom editor will not load correctly.


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Which version do you use?

The cloud version, I forgot to edit that …

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I have fixed it and will deploy it on Monday.

Great! Thanks for the quick response!

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