[SOLVED] Content removed even if it is referenced

I have…

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Current behavior

Test collection: https://cloud.squidex.io/app/ts-store-v2/content/product/5833c283-a019-4ba9-8bbc-a708a6c57e82
It has this content referenced: https://cloud.squidex.io/app/ts-store-v2/content/download-info/cd99e6b6-e64e-45ca-8bf6-ed2cf19a1684
If i try to delete it, no warning is generated, it is deleted and the reference is removed from the first collection

Expected behavior

A warning should be shown and the content should not be removed nor the reference from the other item

Minimal reproduction of the problem


  • [ ] Self hosted with docker
  • [ ] Self hosted with IIS
  • [ ] Self hosted with other version
  • [X] Cloud version

Version: [VERSION]


  • [X] Chrome (desktop)
  • [ ] Chrome (Android)
  • [ ] Chrome (iOS)
  • [ ] Firefox
  • [ ] Safari (desktop)
  • [ ] Safari (iOS)
  • [ ] IE
  • [ ] Edge


I will have a look today.

Update: I can reproduce it and have a fix. I will work on tests now and then deploy it as soon as another bug is already ready.

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